LinkedIn in the Arab Region

  • The total number of LinkedIn users in the Arab world stands at 8,445,515 as of May 2014. This is up from 4,716,515 in May 2013.

    As of May 2014, the average LinkedIn penetration amongst Arab countries was 3.7% almost doubling from 2.1% in May 2013.

    As with Facebook and Twitter, the ratio of female to male LinkedIn users in the Arab world is well below the global average. As of May 2014 female LinkedIn users constitute about 29% of LinkedIn users, increasing slightly from 26% in May 2013.

    Youth below the age of 35 still constitute the majority of LinkedIn users in the region, and have shown a significant increase since last year. As of May 2014, 68% of LinkedIn users were between the ages of 18-35 compared to 60% in May 2013.

    Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, specifically have shown considerable growth in this younger age bracket over the past year.

**2010-2013 populations are from United Nations ILO Department of Statistics,, for all Arab countries.

* The dynamic data presented below is based on the fifth edition of the ASMR and will be updated soon. For the latest data, you can download the sixth edition of the ASMR from the news item on the home page.



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