The Arab Social Media Report, produced by the Dubai School of Government’s Governance and Innovation Program, is a recurring series that highlights and analyzes usage trends of online social networking across the Arab region. These reports analyze data on Facebook and Twitter users in all 22 Arab countries, in addition to Iran, Israel and Turkey. They highlight a specific theme in each issue (ranging from general social media usage trends, to the impact of social media on civil movements, and the role of social media in Arab women’s empowerment). This is part of a larger research initiative focusing on social engagement through ICT for better policy in Arab states, which explores the use of social networking services in governance, entrepreneurship promotion and social inclusion. The initiative also studies the potential of Web 2.0 applications for increasing collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation, both between and among government entities, citizens and the private sector.

ASMR in the Media

MBRSG's Governance and Innovation Program launches 'UAE Social Media Outlook 2014' at the Emirati Media Forum

Date: 24 November 2014, This report is produced by the MBRSG’s Governance and Innovation Programme in partnership with the Dubai Press Club (DPC) It makes use of numerous studies conducted by the Programme – including the Arab Social Media Report Series - to analyse the impact of social media on citizen engagement in the UAE...
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The 6th Arab Social Media Report, on Citizen Engagement for Better Government Services, is out now

Date: 25 June 2014, Under the title ‘Citizen Engagement and Public Services in the Arab World The Potential of Social Media’ the sixth edition of the Arab Social Media Report series was launched today by the Governance and Innovation Program at the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government The report shows that the public sector in a majority of Arab countries continues to suffer from mounting deficiencies in terms of quality efficiency and accessibility of government service...
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