Twitter in the Arab Region

The Arab Social Media Report Series provides an overview of Twitter users in the Arab World. As such, the number of users in all 22 Arab countries, in addition to Iran, Israel and Turkey, are collected periodically (since January 2011 to date). These are the key findings from the latest report: 

·         Total number of active Twitter users in the Arab world reached 3,766,160 users as of March 2013. 
·         The country with the highest number of active twitter users is Saudi Arabia with 1.9 million users which accounts for over half of all active twitter users in the Arab region.
·         The estimated number of tweets produced by twitter users in the Arab world in March 2013 was 335,792,000  tweets or 10,832,000 tweets per day.
·         Saudi Arabia alone, produced almost half (47%) of all tweets in the Arab world, while Egypt produced 12% and the UAE produced 11%.




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